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  • Trainer TACX GALAXIA
  • Trainer TACX GALAXIA
  • Trainer TACX GALAXIA
  • Trainer TACX GALAXIA
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The Galaxia and Antares are Tacx’s contribution to the popularity of track racing. Many world champions don’t go anywhere without their Tacx rollers. During their warming-up and training sessions they use the rollers to maintain their speed and suppleness, essential tools for a track cyclist.

The Tacx rollers have a state of the art design. Thanks to the conical rollers your ride is extra stable, so you can focus even more on your goals in training: improving your fitness and pedal stroke and maintaining your speed.
Revolutionary swing system
These revolutionary Tacx rollers move with the rider. He can make sprints, stretch his legs and stand on the pedals without having to be afraid to fall. He can move more freely, because training on the Galaxia approaches the natural feeling of the road. Thanks to the kinetic energy that is created during accelerating, the trainer moves forward. When slowing down, the trainer moves backward again. This invention is so unique that is has been patented by Tacx.
The Galaxia ‘swing system’ might look a little unsteady at first sight, but it has the opposite effect: thanks to this novelty the rider can stay on the rollers more easily.
Galaxia Swing system

Patented swing system

The Galaxia relies on a swing system that ensures that the rollers can swing forwards and backwards. When you start to sprint, switch pace fast or stand on the pedals, this system absorbs the sudden forward or backward movement so that you do not derail.


The Tacx rollers are retractable to 80cm.

Tacx Galaxia retractable

Conical rollers


Conical rollers

The Tacx rollers have conical rollers which ensure that your bike always remains in the middle of the roller while you are riding. This makes riding on the rollers easier and safer.

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