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Datori - Ātruma rādītāji GPS

Average cadence
Averange speed
Cadence current
Comparison of current and average speed
Countdown timer
Current speed
Display backlight
Maksimālā kadence
Maximum speed
Navigator (2nd programmable daily kilometre counter, counts forwards or backwards)
Timer1, Timer2
Total kilometres bike1 / bike 2 / totals
Total odometer
Total ride time bike1 / bike2 / totals
Trip counter
Trip ride timer
Average heart rate
Calorie-consumption on current trip
Current heart rate
Current heart rate in % of personal maximum heart rate
Display of selected training zone with display of selected upper and lower limit
Heart rate functions available olny with heart rate kit No: 7704
Maximum heart rate
Time, in % of total training time within the preset heart rate limits (Limit Zone)
Altitude gain uphill on current trip
Altitude loss downhill on current trip
Average downhill gradient on actual trip in %
Average uphill gradient of current trip in %
Current altitude
Current gradient in %
Current temperature in °C or °F
Distance downhill on current trip
Distance uphill on current trip
Maximum altitude on current trip
Maximum downhill gradient on actual trip in %
Maximum uphill gradient of current trip in %
Total altitude gain uphill, for Bike 1 and Bike 2
Total altitude loss downhill, for Bike 1 and Bike 2
3years warranty for computer
Auto start/stop
Auto start/stop up to 5hrs.
Automatic bike recognition for bike 1 and bike2
Automatic pairing
Can be set for 2 bikes
Data storage during battery replacement
Digital, encoded wireless transmission "Digital Wireless" DW, double wireless for speed and cadence (option)
Easy fitting spoke magnet
Full text with 7 languages DE, GB, FR, IT, ES, NL,PL
Km/Mi selectable
Programmable odometer
Rate functions are referred to the purchase of the rate additive (CAD-Kit)
Stopwatch indicator, shows running stopwatch
Universal Twist-Click-Mounting for handlebar and stem
Variable service intervals for Bike1 and Bike2
Wheel sizes can be set using tyre size or manually in mm or inch
Battery 3V 2032
Cable holders
Rubber shim
Universal holder and sender
Universal mount with wire and sensor
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