Tyre Schwalbe One 28-451 20x1,1/8 wired

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Tyre Schwalbe One  28-451 20x1,1/8 wired

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  • Tyre Schwalbe One  28-451 20x1,1/8 wired
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20x1 1/8" 28-451 blk Perf. RG Addix


All-round Road bike tyre. The new Schwalbe One with Road bike
tyre technology is agile, reliable and fast at the highest level. 
The ideal all-rounder for Road bikers who prefer riding with a
tubular. Excellent protection against punctures due to the
RaceGuard protection belt. Balanced riding characteristics and
comfort due to the active 3x67 EPI carcass. The new ADDIX
Compound stands for speed and grip. Schwalbe One is an impressive
Road bike tyre for training or races for any situation and season.
Always at highst performance level. The tube-type tyre was especially
designed  for the use as tubular and must not be ridden Tubeless.Confusion impossible: All Schwalbe One Road bike tyres are clearly
marked with additional label as "TLE" or "TUBE ONLY" tyres.


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