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Datori - Ātruma rādītāji GPS

Time / Date
Average cadence
Averange speed
Cadence current
Comparison of current and average speed
Current speed
Maksimālā kadence
Maximum speed
Total kilometres bike1 / bike 2 / totals
Total odometer
Total ride time bike1 / bike2 / totals
Trip counter
Trip ride timer
Auto start/stop
Automatic bike recognition for bike 1 and bike2
Automatic pairing
Can be set for 2 bikes
Data storage during battery replacement
Digital, encoded wireless transmission "Digital Wireless" DW, double wireless for speed and cadence (option)
Easy fitting spoke magnet
Full text with 7 languages DE, GB, FR, IT, ES, NL,PL
Km/Mi selectable
Programmable odometer
Universal Twist-Click-Mounting for handlebar and stem
Wheel sizes can be set using tyre size or manually in mm or inch
Wireless, analogue
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